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Welcome to your Metal Group GmbH in Essen

Metal Group GmbH in Essen is a reliable supplier of non-ferrous metals. We can supply non-ferrous metals in a variety of forms. Metal Group GmbH manufactures products from high purity Aluminium, brass, copper, tin, Nickel, tantalum and all other metals of the non-ferrous metal group.

The Metal Group is committed to providing its customers with excellent metal products for their projects. Our reliable products are of excellent quality. We are happy to manufacture any metal, in any shape, in any quality, at the customer’s request.

No project is too demanding for our highly qualified employees. If you have any special requests, do not hesitate to contact us.

High-Purity Metals

High-purity metals are used in a wide range of applications, including research, development and production of advanced technologies that require the properties, performance and quality of high-purity metals as well as high-quality magnetic, thermoelectric, phosphorous and semiconductor materials. These high-purity metals are used in the manufacture of fluorescent lighting, plasma screens, LEDs, high-precision lenses and optics, electronic Sensors, high-performance ceramics, Thermal barrier coatings, lasers, and much more.

Metal Group GmbH can offer a wide range of metals and elements in their purest forms, from Aluminium to zirconium, in the form of raw blocks, ingots, powders and wires.

Whatever the application, let Metal Group GmbH be your next supplier of high purity metals.

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