New bioeconomy funding program

March 29, 2021

New funding programme Bioeconomy – biorefineries for the extraction of raw materials from waste and waste water: “Bio-Ab-Cycling“

As part of the new ERDF funding programme “Bioeconomy”, the Ministry of the Environment supports the construction and implementation of modular “biorefineries” with environmental technologies and biointelligent solutions under scientific support.

In bio refining (“Bio”), waste or waste water (“Ab”) are to be used as raw material sources and the raw materials contained therein are to be recovered by means of various coordinated technologies. The raw materials are thus efficiently and sustainably returned to the economic cycle (“cycling”).

The focus should not be on the use of individual technologies for the recovery of raw materials, but on the interfaces and interactions of the interconnected technologies (modules). The eligibility of these biorefineries or biofactories relates to a biomass-containing raw material sources such as organic waste or municipal waste water, and/or (in the case of other sources of raw materials) on the use of biological processes such as Biomining of metals, or Fermentation of organic matter. The aim is to extract as many raw materials or products as possible from the respective secondary raw material source – i.e. waste or waste water. Biological resources such as plants, animals and microorganisms and/or biotechnical processes and biological knowledge can be used.

The funding serves the implementation of the state strategy bioeconomy. The funds come from the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) and the State of Baden-Württemberg. The call for proposals is scheduled for this year.

The funding regulation EFRE Bioeconomy-Biorefineries for the extraction of raw materials from waste and waste water – Bio-Ab-Cycling can be downloaded from this page. The new funding period 2021-2027.

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