We specialize in manufacturing customized metal products according to the most precise
specifications for the industry.

In addition to a carefully selected range of rare earths, high purity metals and isotopes, we manufacture for our customers according to the most precise specifications. We manufacture powders, wires, rods and much more according to customer specifications. State-of-the-art machines enable consistent quality throughout the entire production batch.


Nano powderServices

The word Nanos comes from Greek and means dwarf. We manufacture customized nanopowders in a highly dispersive manufacturing process. When thesurface of a metal increases in proportion as with nanopowders, its mechanical, optical and electronic properties change by leaps and bounds as the laws of quantum mechanics begin to play a role. Nanopowders of various metals are the material of the future.


The Finest WiresServices

With our drawing machines and rolling mills we are able to draw ultrafine wires. Even particularly brittle metals such as nickel are diluted to a maximumthickness of 0.001 mm, which corresponds to one-sixteenth of human hair. We manufacture wires from all non-ferrous metals from customer specifications.

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